The Freebies!

Today I am going to do a little plugging… I get extra points etc on these websites if you join through my link.

I haven’t won yet but you have to be in it to win it right?! These are some free lottery websites that I use, I probably flick through them for 10-15 minutes before bed each night, that way I know I am looking at them at the same time each day and not missing out on any draws (one I check just before 9PM too for an extra draw!

Whilst I am typing this I have the two websites I mentioned yesterday running in the background, earning me extras there to change for reward  gift cards (or paypal!).

So these are the ones I use…

Pick My Postcode! 

This website is great. You enter your postcode and you get entered into loads of draws to win money – anything that isn’t claimed that day rolls over! You also earn a bonus (+£0.03) a day for checking draws this eventually builds up increasing the amount of draws you can enter! You can also boost in other ways – referrals get up 11p per one. They don’t sell information on and people have won over £2000! Hence why I still go with a £25 bonus – one day it’ll be me!

Win a Dinner!

As it says on the tin – you win dinners! You can either claim vouchers when you win for specific restaurants, or claim paypal or donate to charity! They don’t have ways to boost entries yet but it’s a relatively new website. I’ve been in it from the start – some people have won twice, some like me have yet to win! Ran by the same people as above.

Freemoji Lottery

Again it’s ran by the same people as the first two. This works by picking 5 emoji’s and if they match the draw that day you win! 6 chances to win each day, it drawn in $ but you can convert if you win – the biggest win so far has been $720 roll-over!

Emoji Lottery

Very similar to above…

Happy Birthdates

Really clever website, chance to win £100 every day, for your birthdate or a referrals win!

Free Birthdate Lottery

Again works on your birthdate, two chances to win each day.

DOB Lotto

Recently revamped and looking good! Earn points to unlock more draws and win up to £50 in a draw. Bonus points for referrals!


Let me know how you get on with them, and if you have any others you use drop me a link with more info! Thanks all 🙂 Next one will be about things that I’ve bought to reduce my waste AND save money!!





Hey all!

So, for the last year now my partner and I have been trying to reduce our waste…

After seeing Blue Planet 2 and just generally looking around me I have noticed how much of my life contains plastic and how much rubbish there is around!

Therefor, part of this blog is going to be trying out zero waste items and helping people make those small, easy, but important swaps – I am definitely won over by how easy things can be done and more importantly the price! Which brings me onto the second part of this…

Money! Like a lot of people I would LOVE to have more money, the job I do doesn’t earn me much (it’s a conservation/education role – another reason for me to be more zero-waste), my partner earns a fair bit more and I want to help more where I can. We ultimately want to be able to have some land, grow our own food and just enjoy life so that’s what pushes us – but it needs money and will be more zero-waste when we get there.

I hope that this blog will allow me to share with you what eco-friendly tips I have learnt and how I have gained a few extra pounds, or items each month – whether it is writing reviews, or through sites like Swagbucks ( ) , or InstaGC  ( ) where I earn points through Surveys and Videos!


Have fun and speak soon!